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Stage 9 - Next steps

You've crafted a complete game using JavaScript. Very cool. What do you want to do next?

Making it better

Think about putting your own stamp on the game: different spells, unique monsters, change up the rules.

Sharing the game

You'll probably want to share your game with friends. One easy way is to zip up the project folder and just email it around.

Even easier for the player would be hosting it on a site like It's super easy to upload an HTML game and have people play it right in their browser with no downloads.

Later, if you have dreams of launching a game on a platform like Steam, you'll need to get it packaged up into an executable insted of a plain old webpage. I had good luck with NW.js. That's how I shipped Golden Krone Hotel.

Learning more stuff

Now that you know how to code without any libraries, perhaps it's time to try one out. I recommend rot.js for making roguelikes.

You might also want to learn all the best practices that I refused to show you. 😋 Sorry about all that. A good starting point for learning JavaScript in depth is the free book You Don't Know JS.

Shoot me a note

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